What We Charge

Our advice plans are designed to be accessible to everyone – whether you’re just getting started on your financial journey, already on the path to building wealth, getting to the point of settling back and enjoying it, or have wide-ranging and complex financial needs.



+GST per month
+ 1% p.a. of funds under management
(0.5% p.a. for Kiwisaver funds).

If you’re just getting started in your wealth-building journey and need to build the foundations, this is the plan for you.



per annum of funds under management
(minimum $400,000).
(0.5% p.a. for Kiwisaver funds).

If you’re already on the path to building your long-term financial future and have already accumulated significant savings – and your focus is on sustaining and continuing to grow and enjoy your wealth.



+GST per month
+0.75% p.a. of funds under management
(0.5% p.a. for Kiwisaver funds).

If you’re a small business owner with 1-2 shareholders and revenue of up to $3M p.a., and need support and advice on how your business can help you achieve your long-term plans.

What the Building plan includes.
A personalised financial plan, developed for you with your long-term goals and priorities in mind.
Quarterly planning and review meetings to make sure you stay on top of your financial goals, and on-call support and advice as and when you need it.
Guided planning to develop goals and articulate your personal vision for your financial future.
Cashflow planning, insurance advice and implementation, and general estate planning advice.
Advice on home and investment property ownership, finding the right mortgage, and mortgage structure and repayment.
Investment advice (including Kiwisaver), and implementation and management of your personal investment plan.
What the Sustaining plan includes.
Everything covered in the Professional plan: a personal financial plan and quarterly planning and review meetings, as well as:
Detailed drawdown planning.
Quarterly portfolio rebalancing and review, and updating of your investment plan based on your forecast cashflow needs.
What the Business plan includes.
A detailed business and personal financial plan.
Business and personal cashflow and tax planning.
Managing business debt.
Business valuation and owner/operator remuneration planning.
Business exit planning.
Property planning for self-employed and shareholder-employees.
Planning and structuring shareholder and owner/operator insurance and risk management strategies, including ACC planning.

Other Fees and Costs

We may charge other fees than those listed above. Some of these are listed below, although this is not an exhaustive list. Any fees charged in addition to those listed on this page will be explained to you in full in advance of being applied. Please note that other providers may charge their own fees in addition to those that you pay us.

What it is
What we charge
Drafting wills
$99 + GST per will (one-off)
Hourly planning fee (for one-off financial planning).
$250 + GST per hour

In some cases we may earn commissions on products and services that we recommend as part of our advice. This may include insurance, Kiwisaver, and mortgage products. We don’t accept commission on any non-Kiwisaver investment products we recommend. We’ll disclose any commissions we earn to you and discuss with you in advance as part of our planning process.