Plans and Pricing

Our advice plans are designed to give you all the benefits of traditional financial advice from an Authorised Financial Adviser, at a price thats affordable for everyone – whether you’re just getting started on your financial journey, recovering from a financial setback, already on the path to building wealth, or getting to the point of settling back and enjoying it.



+GST per month

If you’re in employed work, then this is the plan for you. We’ll cover everything – goal setting, cashflow planning, risk management, mortgages, property, and investment.

Business Owner


+GST per month

If you’re self employed or own your own business, or you have more complex than normal financial affairs, then our business plan will suit best. We’ll cover everything in the professional plan, plus a range of advice that covers the specific needs of business owners.

What the Professional Plan includes
Regular planning meetings with an Authorised Financial Adviser, your own personal financial planning dashboard, and phone and email advice on any aspect of your financial life, any time you need it.
Guided planning to develop goals and articulate your personal vision for your financial future.
Cashflow planning, insurance advice and implementation, and general estate planning advice.
Advice on home and investment property ownership, finding the right mortgage, and mortgage structure and repayment.
Investment advice (including Kiwisaver), and implementation and management of your personal investment plan.
What the Business Plan includes
Everything covered in the Professional plan
Build confidence in your cashflow planning with our Xero cashflow forecasting add-on, included in the price.
Advice on optimising your ACC fees for shareholder-employees and sole traders.
Planning and structuring your business insurance and risk strategies.
General support and advice on business strategy and cashflow.

Other Fees and Costs

We charge an asset management fee on investments that we manage. The fee depends on the type of portfolio that we implement for you – a standard (also known as model) portfolio, or a custom portfolio. Please note that these fees are just the fees that Multiply charges – underlying funds may charge their own fees. These will be disclosed to you in advance as part of the planning process.

Funds under management
$1 - $400,000
$400,001 - $700,000
$700,001 - $1,000,000
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Funds under management
$1 - $400,000
From 0.5%
$400,0001 - $700,000
From 0.4%
$700,001 - $1,000,000
From 0.3%
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We charge one-off fees for some services in addition to the subscription fee. These will be disclosed to you in advance.

Drafting Wills
$99 + GST one-off cost per will (or change to existing will)

We earn commissions on some products and services that we may recommend as part of our advice, typically insurance, Kiwisaver, and Ā mortgage products. We typically rebate any commissions to you that may be earned on investment products. Again, we’ll disclose these to you in advance as part of our planning process.