Investment Management

Leverage the power of markets to build sustainable, long-term wealth.

You’re in a great position with clear goals, you’re on top of your cashflow, you’ve got your property and mortgage under control. What next? Building long-term wealth through investment – that’s what.

Making investment advice simple.

Investing can be a challenging subject to get your head around, and the options for doing so are wide and varied. Shares, bonds, rental property, funds, alternatives, hedges – the list goes on! We make investing simple – regardless of who you are, whether at the end of your career looking to get the best from your retirement portfolio, or just starting to save a bit more than your Kiwisaver.

investing is for everyone

Investing is for Everyone.

If investing sounds like its all too hard for you, or only for the super wealthy, think again – chances are that you’re an investor already. Anyone in Kiwisaver is an investor – Kiwisaver funds are investments like any other, and they’re just as beholden to these truths as anything else! And your Kiwisaver should be part of any good investment management plan.

But Kiwisaver is just one option for New Zealanders looking for more than just property and term deposits to grow wealth. By following the guiding truths of investing, and a plan that’s a good fit with your needs and risk tolerance, there are a large range of great investment options out there that are cost effective, diversified, simple to manage, and can get you to where you want to go.

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Let Markets do the Work.

Every day, billions of dollars of trades happen globally. It’s a massively efficient machine for setting asset prices. Given this, if you try and time or outguess markets, you’re almost certainly doomed to fail. Our investment management approach is to keep it simple and trust in markets.

Markets reward long term investors. And that free lunch? There actually is one: diversification. It’s a proven and almost cost-free way to improve risk-adjusted returns over time.

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Investing with purpose

We’ll work with you to help define your investment goals, your personal investment values and principals, and your appetite for risk, to build an investment portfolio with purpose. If you’re an impact or socially-focused investor, just getting started with investing, or looking to hold a diversified portfolio to give you a better income in retirement, we’ll build an investment plan to suit you – no matter how much or little you have to work with.

Who we work with

When we develop an investment management strategy, whether it's for your Kiwisaver, a cost-effective model portfolio, or a bespoke custom portfolio, we use funds selected from some of the worlds leading managers - both locally and globally.

Dimensional Fund Advisers
Consilium Platform
booster investments

Dimensional Fund Advisers are one of the largest asset managers in the US with over $800Bn under management.

We manage our clients investments via the Consilium Platform - New Zealand's fastest growing investment management technology provider.

Booster is a Kiwisaver default fund and manages a wider range of innovative Kiwisaver and general investment funds, including its private equity Tahi Fund.

AMP capital
iShares Blackrock

AMP Capital is a global asset manager with strong roots in New Zealand and Australia and manages over AU$180Bn of funds.

Vanguard is a US asset manager with over US$5Tn of funds under management and is a pioneer of low-cost index investment.

Blackrock is the largest issuers of index exchange-traded funds (ETFs) globally through their iShares products with over US$1Tn under management.

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