Insurance and Risk

To build sustainable wealth, you have to protect what you already have.

Thats why managing risk with smart insurance advice and estate planning is the foundation of any successful financial portfolio. We’ll develop a strategy that covers the right mix of insurances to protect you and the people you love – and then we’ll work with you and our partner insurance firms to get the best deal in putting that strategy in place.

Ensure your Legacy

Protecting your legacy, particularly for those who are affected by unexpected tragedy, takes careful estate planning, combined with the right insurance policies and investment options. We’ve advised numerous clients on designing risk management plans that ensure that the people they care about are looked after once they’re gone.

Protect your Income

For most people, their ability to work and generate income is the most valuable asset they have, and the most likely to influence their wealth over time.

Protecting your earnings and ensuring if you lose the ability to work, whether temporarily or permanently, is a critical part of any risk management plan.

Access to Medical Care

New Zealand has a high quality of medical care widely available to most, but as with any public system, there can be gaps. Private medical care can ensure you have fast access to the quality care, when you need it, without having to worry about cost.