Insurance and Risk Management

For most people, their biggest asset is their ability to earn an income. So it’s pretty important to make sure that you can sustain that income if something goes wrong. And if the worst does happen – you want to know that your loved ones are being looked after.

The risks are real.

Of all the men and women aged between 30 and 45 today, 10% of men and 12.5% of women will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lives; 10% of men and 3% of women will be hospitalised for a heart attack in their lives; and 16.5% of men and 11% of women will die before age 65.

And while every New Zealand receives some form of cover for accidents through ACC, 88% of people in hospital are there due to illness – which ACC doesn’t cover.

Protect what you have. Aim for more.

To build sustainable wealth you have to protect what you already have. It’s why managing risk with smart insurance advice and estate planning is the foundation of any successful financial portfolio.

We start by assessing you and your financial position – what do you have to protect, and how comfortable are you with risk? We’ll then look at what you have right now, to assess potential threats, and build a plan to fit your position, goals, and tolerance for risk.

Insurance advice and risk planning that works.

We’ll develop a strategy that covers right mix of insurances to protect you and the people you love – and then we’ll we’ll work with you and our partner insurance firms to get the best deal in putting that strategy in place.

Think of the impact of being unable to work: paying the mortgage or rent, putting your children through school, being able to afford to travel and retire, etc. Insurance plays a vital role in keeping people on track with the life enjoy today, and continuing to work towards achieving the life they want in the future. With our insurance advice and strategies, you can have the confidence that you’ll have some level of protection if things go wrong.

Take care of business.

And finally for business owners or those at risk of personal liability through their jobs, trusts can provide an additional layer of risk protection from a professional point of view. Trusts have changed a fair bit in the past few years as courts have ruled in various ways on their use and limitations, but they are still a useful tool in a risk-planning strategy – when used appropriately.

We’ll help you build a risk management plan that works for you. Book a free consultation now.

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