Holistic Financial Advice

Your financial health is more than just about money.

If building wealth was as simple as just sticking to best practice, we’d be out of business. The truth is, your finances are as much about your values, money personality and personal history as they are about investments and insurance. For many people, following the traditional wealth-building script simply doesn’t work.

That’s why we believe in holistic financial advice – our plans begin with you. We’ll start with the vision of your life, then break it down into goals that we know you can achieve. This plan will cover the four pillars of your financial wealth building – cashflow management, managing risk, mortgages and debt, and investing for long-term growth. Well supported by ongoing financial advice, this is your road map to financial freedom.

Cashflow Management

Getting your cashflow under control – maximising your income and minimising your expenses.

Debt Management

Reducing bad debt and getting the maximum value from your good debt – including paying off your mortgage more quickly.

Protecting You and Your Family

Insuring you and your loved ones from financial harm in the event of unforeseen events.

Estate Planning

Having peace of mind that there’s a plan if the worst were to happen.

Property and Mortgages

First homes, upgrades, renovations, downsizing, investment property – and the mortgage financing to fund it.

Future Growth

Investing beyond property – Kiwisaver, and beyond.

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