Financial Planning – Your Roadmap to Wealth

“It doesn’t matter what financial position you’re in, or how wealthy you are - everyone needs a plan.”

Your finances are as much about your values, history, priorities, and goals as they are about investments. We believe that great financial planning takes all of these into account – to build sustainable, long-term wealth.

Kiwis who work with a financial adviser are nearly twice as likely to feel secure in their financial future and far more happy about their financial position (Financial Advice New Zealand). More than two thirds of New Zealanders say that financial advice has led to better understanding of financial risks, a clearer picture how to achieve their financial goals, and that they’re better equipped to actually stick to their financial plans.

We advise a wide variety of Kiwis on most aspects of their financial lives, including how they manage their cashflow and savings, how they mange financial risk, how they use debt and own property, and how they build long-term investment wealth.

Professional and Executives

High-income households that are still accumulating wealth often have broad and deep financial planning needs that cover many areas. We advise many executive individuals and families on how to optimise across all their money matters.

Retirees and work independent

If you’re living off your investment income and savings, your priorities and risk appetite will be quite different to those still accumulating wealth. Talk to us about how we work with clients who are work independent.

Business owners and self employed

Business owners and independent contractors and consultants often require specialist financial planning support, particularly when it comes to areas like debt and tax planning. We work with a wide range of Kiwi business owners.

High net worth individuals

We work with independently wealthy individuals and families on how best to maximise their portfolios and leverage their assets to deliver the most impact – financial or otherwise. We can also advise and support on more specialised areas such as private and venture capital and more complex estate planning.

Relationship separations

A relationship breakup can be one of the hardest times in life, and the financial uncertainty involved can make things even harder. We can provide support to individuals and couples on how to navigate through a financial separation and how to rebuild afterwards.

Early career planning

If you’re early in your financial journey, you’ve got one big advantage – time. With the right financial planning, guidance, and advice early on, you can set yourself up for long term prosperity and wealth now. Talk to us about how we’ve supported some of our younger clients in getting started financially.