Financial Advice for Business Owners

Small business owners have unique financial needs.

We’re uniquely positioned to help, with extensive experience in corporate strategic advisory, now making the same expertise and skills available to deliver financial advice to businesses and their owners.

What we can help you achieve

Business growth | Business value | Risk management | Financial advice and planning

Manage your cashflow more effectively.

Cashflow management and ensuring you plan for and can meet your tax obligations, your current liabilities, and pay yourself, is one of the biggest challenges small and start-up businesses can face. We can help take the stress out of cashflow planning.

Ensure your business continues on – even when you can’t.

  • ACC
  • Revenue assurance
  • Key person insurance
  • Business continuity
  • Staff insurance plans

Finance business investments to build growth.

  • Property purchasing
  • Use of debt
  • Commercial finance
  • Debt while self-employed

Managing your personal financial needs.

As a business owner, personal finances such as mortgage debt, insurances, and investment can get complex fast. We’re experienced in working with business owners on all of these fronts, and ensuring that your business is working to deliver to your ultimate goals too.

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We’ve worked with some of New Zealands biggest and best companies.

We consult to and advise CEOs, boards, and executive teams of some of the most innovative companies in New Zealand on corporate strategy, technology and digital, innovation and growth, and M&A. Now we’re providing financial advice to business owners of all sizes.

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