Cashflow and Budgeting

What’s the biggest thing that wealthy people have in common? Regardless of where they come from, what they do, or how substantial their wealth is, it’s this: they all manage their cashflow well. Managing cashflow and getting debt free, for many people, is the first step on the path to wealth.

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Manage your Income

For the vast majority of people who have not yet reached retirement age, their most valuable asset is the income they generate. Managing the income you make carefully is one of the impactful things you can do to build long-term wealth. It’s pretty simple: the more you save and the sooner you save it, the more you’ll end up with long term.

We’ll work with you to make the most out of what you have – and aim for more. Whether you’re on a fixed income or you’re a business owner needing help to plan your cashflow better – we can help.

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Get Control of your Spending

There are two levers you have when optimising your cashflow: your income and your expenses. Major expenses for most people include housing costs (rent or mortgage payments), consumer debt (such as credit cards that never quite get fully paid off), childcare costs such as daycare and after school care – and lifestyle costs, such as dining out and entertainment. “Lifestyle creep” has a way of catching up with people – often expenses have a way of inflating themselves to nicely fill up the exact amount of any increases you get in disposable income!

Which is why a sensible budget and good informed decision making can help. We’re help give you visibility into where your money is going – and build a plan to get control of it.

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Get Debt Free Faster

All debt is not created equal. In the financial world, we talk about good debt – the lending that gets you ahead – and bad debt – the kind that holds you back. Good debt helps your get ahead by buying assets that increase in value – like property, or a business.

Credit cards, store cards, hire purchases, and payday lending are all examples of bad debt. With very high interest rates, you end up paying much more, and they don’t help you earn money. We’ll help you on your path to getting debt free – and we’ll also help you manage your good debt, and make smart decisions about taking on more.

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Make Your Money Work Harder

Getting control of your income, expenses, and cashflow can make all the difference when building long-term, sustainable wealth. It’s one of the most important things you can do – and once you’re in control of your money, you can start to think about putting that income to work harder – whether its building a property portfolio, buying a business, or a diversified set of passive income investments – and focusing on the things that really matter in life.

We’ll help you get on top of your cashflow faster. Book a free consultation now.

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